Prendere le misure

Take measures

How to take measurements




  • The measures to be taken
  • How to take them


Buying online without knowing your measurements can be really difficult, and with the current situation, online is the new frontier of shopping.

Below we will list the main measures you need to know and how to take them correctly. But if you still have doubts, you can watch the video at the end of the article that shows how to take the measurements by following the procedure described.


What are the measures to take:

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the male physique and the female physique have small differences between the proportions and that therefore the measurements must be taken in slightly different points, which is why sometimes on the size tables there are stylized figures of men and women who show where it should be measured.


However, there are some basic measures that you need to know if you want to buy online and find the right size. So here is a list of measurements and a visual example of where to take them.




-Hip bone

-Arm length

-Inside leg length


How to take the measurements:

First of all you must make sure you have a notebook or a piece of paper near you and a pen or pencil and the tape measure. Before taking the measurements, you must write all the measurements one under the other like a shopping list. We then proceed with the measurement:

-The chest is usually the first measurement, to take this measurement you have to pass the tape measure under the armpits and go all the way around. Be careful not to squeeze the tape too tight and make sure your arms, at least up to the elbow, are completely relaxed along the body. for the breasts it is the same procedure except that the tape measure must be passed exactly over the nipples.



-The waist, on the other hand, is measured at the point just below the last rib and usually the narrowest point, even if in reality different bodies may have the least marked waistline or not have it at all, so it is always good to refer to where the waist ends. last rib to make sure you are measuring correctly.


-The pelvis indicates the widest part of our hips, in fact to take this measurement you have to pass the tape measure from our side b making it turn up to the front art. A little trick to take it correctly is to try to remove the tape measure by sliding it down from the hips, keeping the front part where the tape intersects with the thumb and forefinger but allowing the tape measure to slide in case the measurement does not allow the meter to go down the leg.


-The length of the arms is one of the strangest measures to take and is one of the most difficult because if you do not adjust the arm in the precise position, the measurement is incorrect and is very noticeable once the garment is worn.

To take this measurement, one must raise the arm and bend the elbow, but neither movement must be exaggerated. You have to think that you are hugging a column that is placed in front of you but the arm must not be in a horizontal position but must gradually go downwards.



The measurement must then be taken starting from the pinto where the arm bone fits into the bust, passing through the elbow which, being bent, will create a real support point with the slightly protruding bone and finishing the measurement on the outer side of the wrist where the forearm bone intersects with those of the hand.


-The inside leg length, on the other hand, is very simple. It is nothing more than the measurement of the leg taken starting from the crotch, passing through the entire inside leg and ending at the ankle exactly under the ankle bone.

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