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We all, even unintentionally, have fallen prey to a trend, especially as regards the world of fashion and photography, worlds closely connected. Nowadays with the influence of fashion magazines and social media it is really difficult not to have had, at least once, a piece of clothing or an accessory that was trendy.

Let's face it we all want to dress well, especially in certain situations, and the first thing we do when we have to shop and see the latest trends or do a quick search on Instagram or social networks.


What is a trend:


Literally "Trend" means "Trend" or a certain linguistic or aesthetic characteristic that is followed by a large number of people, often worldwide.

In Fashion by "Trend" we mean all those lines and colors that define a certain style or a certain aesthetic that all people tend to follow for a certain period of time, often even years, and which is well known to all, even if not they are fans of fahion.

A fashion trend can be not only an aesthetic but also a single piece of clothing that becomes popular and used by everyone, a "must have" in the wardrobe.


How a trend is created


In the past, trends were dictated directly by fashion houses with their fashion collections and catwalks. Today everything is more complex.

First of all, the fashion shows to date are already based on very specific trends that are not typical of the fashion houses themselves but that are given by specialized agencies and specialized sector newspapers.

There are real agencies specialized in the research and prediction of trends not only in the fashion sector but in all the various sectors that determine the guidelines that will then be followed by all the various companies and fashion houses in the sector.

From those guidelines, therefore, all the fashion houses, through creating their collections which are however very similar to each other, thus creating a common pattern of lines and colors that will soon form the moment.

So here we have a garment that is in trend and that if it is researched it results in all the fashion shows and collections not only of the major high fashion brands but also in the major Retail brands that take inspiration from high fashion shows and rework it in the their style and then put it within everyone's reach and that's where a trend really becomes a trend.


Where do the guidelines come from:


but where do the guidelines that companies give to fashion houses come from? How do they make the predictions?

The companies specializing in trends do real research based on a global sample of consumers and analyzing purchasing market data.

They thus create a forecast of the future tastes of the consumer, transforming them into specific guidelines for each sector of which they indicate color cards, materials and shapes that will go out of fashion and have greater sales.

Often these guidelines are displayed in private forums that can only be accessed if you own or are part of a company in the sector.

Very often these forums are also aimed at being the guidelines to be able to participate in sector fairs which are the major exhibition stage for specialized companies and small companies in the tertiary sector, but also the main meeting point for representatives of fashion houses. to find not only new inspirations but also partnerships.




Trend 2022:


But having said all this, now that we know what the trends are and where they come from, let's see what will be the trends that will accompany us for 2022!


The 2000s are back! Yes, the controversial years with the low life are back since last spring, but this year they are consolidated, and they carry with them many of their characteristic shapes all revisited in a more modern key.


Let's start with the pants and skirts with low waist, must of those years together with the thong that could be glimpsed from the pants, then moving on to the super high and colorful wedges and the skirts below the knee combined with wide boots from mid-calf or just above. and the miniskirts… really mini.


 Moschino resort 22         Miu-Mui spring 22              Versace spring 22


Another trend that has been in vogue for a couple of seasons has been crochet. Processing of entire garments all made with this old technique more than our grandmothers who tried to teach us to keep us good. And how to forget the skirt over the pants? This too is back in fashion even if it is elaborated in a less evident and much more refined way.



   Chanel spring 22                   Xuly Bet 22                    Jil Sander resort 22


Even the skimpy tops closed by very fine laces are back and in different shapes. Transparencies and feathers are another very popular element often with transparent garments finished with feathers or fringes.


Mariam Nassir Zadeh resort 22 - Cristopher Kane spring 22 - SaintLaurent resort 22  

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